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International Women's Club of Philadelphia

Each Wednesday morning a group of two to eight IWCP members meet to go on a two hour hike through the Wissahickon park, an extension of the Philadelphia Fairmont  park.

The park features over 50 miles of rugged trails on both sides of the Wissahickon creek, a contributor to the Schuylkill river.  Several old stone and one covered bridge cross the creek and fragments of old decaying damns remind of the paper mills that once received their power from the creek.  The main trail: Forbidden Drive is a wide gravel trail that  follows the Wissahickon Creek  for over five miles , it is suitable for hikers of all abilities.  It is complemented by many often  rugged and steep  mountain trails on both sides of the creek.  When visiting the park, it is hard to believe the Philadelphia center city is only ten miles away.

The park is beautiful during all seasons.  Under the leadership of Esther Gerhard , the hiking group starts at different park entrances to explore the many trails. The trails are often rough and steep and require adequate hiking boots and personal fitness.  If you want to participate, please call or email Esther Gerrhard or Karin Steinbrenner on Tuesday before the hike.

Hiking Group Organizer

It is the desire of the International Women’s Club of Philadelphia (IWCP) to welcome women of all cultures to the Philadelphia area and to encourage friendship, cooperation and understanding. It is our goal to help them adjust to a new culture and to meet other women of similar backgrounds and interests.


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