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International Women's Club of Philadelphia


The IWCP welcomes

  • Foreign-born women who are living in the Philadelphia metropolitan area
  • Foreign-born women who are newcomers to the area
  • American-born women who have lived abroad for at least one year or who have demonstrated interest in fostering cultural exchange


  • Social and cultural activities for newcomers and other members living in the area
  • Opportunities for new friendships
  • Other benefits and publications include
    • Membership directory
    • Quarterly newsletters
  • Access to sister organizations in the U.S. and abroad, with eligibility for membership in case of relocation.

It is the desire of the International Women’s Club of Philadelphia (IWCP) to welcome women of all cultures to the Philadelphia area and to encourage friendship, cooperation and understanding. It is our goal to help them adjust to a new culture and to meet other women of similar backgrounds and interests.


General:  Nathalie Verma :


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